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A slow website can lead to frustrated users, higher advertising costs, and lost revenue. Website performance is the practice of measuring and optimising websites for speed and efficiency, through purposeful design, optimised code, and performant hosting solutions.

What is Website Performance?

Website performance measures how quickly a website loads, and becomes interactive, to a user accessing a site in a web browser. A fast website is the result of deliberate measurement, design and code optimisation, coupled with a hosting solution that delivers your site in the most efficient way possible. More often than not, website performance is an afterthought, and only when an issue is identified. True website performance comes from deliberate design, conscious development practices, and a website host optimised to deliver your website as efficiently as possible.

What is the impact of a fast website?

A fast website is essential to attract and retain customers, and helps to maintain a higher ranking in Google. Great website performance is a key part of any successful website because, more often than not, its the first impression your customer has of your brand. First impressions can influence how users feel about you, your business, and the products or services that you sell. In a recent Google study, the search engine found that a 0.5 second increase in the time it takes to load a page can cause a 20% drop in traffic and revenue.

How fast is your website?

Test your website to see how much faster it could be!

    Why we care about website performance

    Website performance and sustainability are beautifully intertwined.

    Through conscious design and efficient website development, we create websites with a smaller footprint, load in a heartbeat, and require less data transfer to deliver a great user experience.

    Website performance is a core tenant that underpins everything we do and allows us to provide value to clients that has a direct impact on their customers and their bottom line.

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