Emotionally connecting consumers with brands for Retail Innovation Group

As champions of people-powered retail solutions, Retail Innovation Group is a new group of agencies, under which Storey & Retail Marketing Group sit. We were approached to deliver a simple, lightweight site that served a specific purpose for the group, without being overly complicated or content-heavy.

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Project Overview

Having built up a long-standing relationship with Retail Marketing Group, the agency approached us to help them deliver a new brand that would become their parent company. The brief was to deliver a website that clearly articulated the capabilities of the group, and showcase their agencies, Retail Marketing Group and Storey. With a limited budget and timeline, we doubled down on our principles of sustainable design, minimising the complexity of the design, and therefore code, whilst delivering a fresh, engaging site that reflect the group’s personality and people-focused solutions.

How Retail Innovation Group performs

Built with intention, we practise what we preach. The result is a website that is accessible to all, loads in a heartbeat, and minimises the amount of carbon emitted each time a page loads.

  • This page is fully loaded in 622 milliseconds.

  • This page produced 0.05 grams of CO2.

  • This page is 179 kilobytes in page size.

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Lightning fast on every page

More often than not, performance optimisation focuses on the homepage alone. But how does that help the large percentage of users who land straight from Google, or arrive at your site from an advertising or email campaign?

True performance is page agnostic. Designing and building websites with performance baked in is the only way to ensure every page of your site loads quickly, on every device.

By taking a performance-first approach, it doesn’t mean you have to relinquish the detail and uniqueness that are synonymous with bespoke website solutions. Here you really can have the best of both worlds.

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