Focused on delivering a more accessible, sustainable web

We design, build, and optimise websites based on a core set of values that creates more accessible, sustainable, and performant solutions that work for your business, end users, and the planet.

Sustainable Web Design

Although largely invisible, the internet is one of the largest polluting sectors, accounting for roughly 2% of carbon emissions globally. This is due to the energy intensive operations required to operate data centres, the transmission networks the data travels through, and the end user devices, such as phones, tablets and laptops.

Sustainable web design minimises the impact on the environment by reducing the energy consumed when a user visits the website. This is achieved by hosting the website in a data centre powered by renewable energy, and secondly, by designing and developing websites to consume the least amount of energy when viewed.

Sustainable web design also means doubling down on user experience, focusing on what you need, rather than simply filling a page, and creates super fast websites that support reduced bounce rates, increased conversions, and even reduced advertising costs.

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Website Accessibility

Accessibility is defined by the Oxford Dictionary as: “how easy something is to reach, enter, use, see, etc”.

When we think of what that can mean in the physical world, we think of ramps instead of stairs, sign language instead of auditory communication, or braille for those of poor sight. In essence, making a product or service accessible to those who it might not have been before.

Web design and development in that respect is no different. An accessible website makes the information provided available to all users, regardless of ability. Although website accessibility is fundamental for some sectors and industries, we believe accessibility should be considered and appropriately pursued for all websites.

Google now includes Accessibility as a metric in their Lighthouse score, and the crossover between SEO and Accessibility will only increase in the coming years. The web needs to be more accessible, and at Beleaf we can design and develop websites to meet even the most stringent of accessibility standards.

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Website Performance

A website’s load speed is often only considered when it becomes a problem. And, more often than not, it hasn’t been considered at all until you start noticing bounce rates increasing, and conversions falling. A website that loads quickly is no longer negotiable in 2022. The almighty gods at Google have deemed it so important that it’s now a crucial consideration in search rankings. So, not only will users be leaving your site before they even begin, but they may not be able to find your website in the first place if it’s not ranking in Google.

At Beleaf, website performance isn’t just a plugin added to mask over the problem. We approach performance from the ground up, starting from the discovery phase, through design, formalised in programming, and optimised on performance-first hosting.

True performance isn’t just for the fastest internet connection, or for premium devices. We consciously design and develop websites to deliver the smallest feasible footprint whilst providing a super fast user experience.

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Why we’re different

We’re not interested in superficial

Anyone can create a website. No, we’re not trying to talk ourselves out of work, we’re just realistic that in 2023 there are hundreds of ways to produce a website. But all websites are not created equal.

We design and build websites that are more than skin deep. Whilst we do of course produce beautiful UI design, and best-practice UX, if you dig a little deeper you will find best-in-class code and hosting infrastructure that is optimised for performance, security, and sustainability.

What we do