Creating sustainable elegance for Wexhaus Architecture

Beleaf designed and delivered a beautiful new website that supports Wexhaus’s target end user, whilst reducing both page load times and the amount of CO2 emitted per site visitor.

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Project Overview

Wexhaus is a well-established, independent architecture studio based in West Melbourne. With a focus on high-end, bespoke architectural solutions, their online portfolio needed to reflect the detail and polish they bring to their own client projects. Beleaf worked closely with them to design an elegant, lightweight website that allows the portfolio imagery to shine, without distraction. The result is a simple, but beautiful, website that showcases their work, whilst achieving best-in-class performance and sustainability metrics.

How performs

Built with intention, we practise what we preach. The result is a website that is accessible to all, loads in a heartbeat, and minimises the amount of carbon emitted each time a page loads.

  • This page is fully loaded in 452 milliseconds. The old site was 10.3 seconds

  • This page produced 0.07 grams of CO2. The old site was 7.1 grams

  • This page is 544 kilobytes in page size. The old site was 11 megabytes

Experience Wexhaus

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Wexhaus Architecture home page on desktop

Performant even on the slowest internet connection

With 62% of users in 2022 browsing websites using a mobile, it’s more important than ever to optimise your website for mobile traffic.

Mobiles are, more often than not, used out and about on mobile networks, where average speeds vary dramatically. This means that when testing your website, real-world conditions often means the bus stop outside, not next to the router in the office.

With Wexhaus, the site will load in a heartbeat even on the slowest internet connection thanks to a lower overall page size, optimised code, and a performance-first hosting solution.

Don’t take our word for it. The Google Lighthouse metrics speak for themselves.

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Wexhaus Architecture home page on mobile