Crossing creative thresholds with The Liminal Space

Melbourne-based theatre company, The Liminal Space, bring theatre into communities through a strong platform of social inclusion, support and mentoring to push boundaries whilst creating a space to play and be heard.

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Project Overview

We were approached by our friends at The Liminal Space to produce a new website to support their growth into community-focused education projects in Melbourne’s inner north. With a limited budget, we were still keen to deliver on our principles of conscious design to produce a beautiful site that loads quickly and emits less CO2 per page, whilst articulating a strong brand narrative.

How performs

Built with intention, we practise what we preach. The result is a website that is accessible to all, loads in a heartbeat, and minimises the amount of carbon emitted each time a page loads.

  • This page is fully loaded in 715 milliseconds. The old site was 4.3 seconds

  • This page produced 0.29 grams of CO2. The old site was 1.2 grams

  • This page is 705 kilobytes in page size. The old site was 3.4 megabytes

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Performant across all device thresholds

Responsive web design isn’t new, but it encapsulates a requirement for your website to perform on any device, regardless of the screen size. But it’s not just about how the design adapts to the interface, a website needs to perform in a number of areas, including load speed, accessibility, and SEO.

Google Lighthouse is the defacto leader in this regard, scoring sites on key metrics that help the search engine promote websites that are optimised to cater for the end-user. With a score out of 100, 50-89 is deemed as ‘Average’, whilst anything over 90 is deemed ‘Very good’.

Whilst we strive for the perfect 100/100, once you reach 90, you know you’re doing something right.

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