How does The Index work?

The Index

The Index is a quantitive measure of website performance, accessibility, and sustainability across industries. It’s designed to highlight issues, and recommend opportunities for improvement, that help organisations produce and optimise websites that minimise their CO2 emissions, and provide a better, more inclusive user experience.

How the index calculates scores?

The Index collects publicly available data from Google PageSpeed Insights, Website Carbon, The Green Web Foundation, and data from the page itself, which enables us to extract and calculate metrics and opportunities by industry, category, and individual organisation.

What data do we store?

The Index only stores the information required to provide the metrics and opportunities outlined. No personally identifiable information is stored, either for the sites listed, or for the users viewing The Index itself.

Which pages do we test?

The first version of The Index focuses on the most commonly benchmarked page of any given website which, more often than not, is the homepage. Whilst performance, sustainability, and accessibility related issues are seldom limited to the homepage alone, optimisations related to image handling, accessibility, fonts, and security are likely to positively impact all pages on the site.

It’s important to note that The Index is not a replacement for a performance monitoring tool, and the recommendations are based on automated data analysis.

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